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Upon payment, you’ll receive an “Initial Homeschool Checklist” email that will help you to save time and get to the real help during your consultation with Suzanne.

Your email will come from “Homingschool at gmail dot com”

Two choices: In order to help you in  “Homing” your school, you can choose to receive just the ebook tailored to your family, or receive both the ebook and the consultation.


"Homing School: Figuring it Out Guide” $24- This is a tailored ebook detailed for your family. You’ll first receive a short quiestionnaire via email to allow Suzanne to fill in your personalized ebook with the necessary information on your Homeschool State Laws as well as a flowchart helping you to make your own decisions on how to handle:


1) Schedule

2) Methodology

3) Curriculum

4) Obstacles

5) Location

6) Motivation

7) Pesky Details

8) Learning Styles Curriculum Chart

Only $24 Customized for Your Family

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Or schedule a professional one hour consultation with Suzanne, which includes the  "Homing your School: Figure it Out Guide” e-book.  Choose from the drop down menu to schedule your time now, or choose “another time” and you will receive an email in order to set up a time based on your schedule. 

One Hour of One-on-One Advisement 

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It is not required to have a Paypal account to purchase a consultation.

Other topics Suzanne can help you with include:

  • Beginning a Homeschool Co-op
  • Creating private, paid classes for your area
  • Advertising your expertise in the Homeschool Community
  • Creating Unity among the different groups and methods of homeschooling in your community
  • How to tutor other children in your subject area of passion


"I met Suzanne at her booth at the Texas Homeschool Convention in 2012. I was seeking a good Spanish curriculum that would help me to teach homeschool students. I spoke to her briefly and found her friendly and accommodating. She encouraged me to email her when I was ready to start my classes. A year later, I emailed her with the question of "how to" get started. Suzanne spent time explaining her methods and gave quick tips for teaching Spanish in a co-op environment. In another conversation, Suzanne also explained some helpful tips in how to best work on my son's behavior issues during the homeschool day. These two conversations sincerely changed how my current year of homeschooling has gone.”  ~Nicki Whitworth (Summer 2013)

"I found your eBook is very helpful. 
What I liked was how straight-forward the information was set out. I liked the arrows.  A ‘newbie' like me was able to get from beginning to end without getting frustrated and without feeling my head was going to explode!”  ~Donna Cote (Jan 2014)

"I was very pleased with the information that Mrs. Gose gave me.  She was well informed and I felt confident that she was guiding me towards the direction I need to go.  I am currently giving private tutoring in reading, math and science but I wanted to help out the homeschool parents or their children. Mrs. Gose gave me great ideas as to what I could consider doing but importantly she informed me of the legal rights which I have as a teacher/tutor and the legal rights of homeschool parents.  Our conversation was informative; I will not hesitate to call her back."   ~Mrs. Rosie Lopez, owner of Rosie’s Schoolhouse (Jan, 2014)

"As one of Suzanne's biggest fans & mother of 3 children in her classes, I just wanna say that she's the real deal & whole package! An amazing & gifted teacher to teachers. She's the first to tell you that she doesn't have all the answers, but will run alongside you to help you find them. I've seen her do it time & time again. We're honored to have her in our lives."  ~Jennie Smith

"I agree Suzanne Gose is a great teacher and organizer! She amazes me." ~Leslie Hicks, mother of ten

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