Gose Explains Flip Flops

Flip Flop Spanish was published in 2005. The title was chosen because the workbook has built-in review - every other page is upside down. This design allows the student to work forward through the book, then flip it upside down to work back toward the front, and even seeing all the previous activities keeps the material fresh in his head. But now... now Flip Flops have a new meaning. Yes, the built-in review is still there. But Flip Flop isn't just about pages being "wrong-side down."

Wearing Flip Flops gives you a breezy outlook on life. 

They’re comfortable, cool, and now, they're even fashionable!

We slip them on when we know there's no one to impress. So, bring on the flip flops. Though polish, formality, and good manners have a definite purpose; when you're parenting, growing, teaching, or learning, you need to be in the mindset of "FLIP FLOPS!”

With experience of public schooling, creating curriculum, homeschooling, and advising, you can be sure you’ll get the answer you need here. 

When you need help getting started homeschooling, and you’re overwhelmed, or a little confused, or just need to KNOW you’re going the right way, professional consultation is a surefire way to ease your mind.

Suzanne is on Neil Haley’s Total Tutor Q&A Radio Show. Listen to the Archives here!

April 8, 2014: Planning, SAT vs. ACT, Sibling Rivalry, and more!

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With Transparency as her trademark, "Señora" Gose keeps a light-hearted outlook by keeping choices and tasks "chunky and light."

Whether she's schooling their own five kids (lovingly referred to as the Goselings), washing dishes, tending her chickens, giving seminars, playing board games, doing laundry, formatting her latest Spanish classes into a workbook, or (maybe even) going on a run, she's quick to make sure that you know that she doesn't "have it all together." 

"Every one of us is a work in progress. If you're looking for Miss Perfect, keep looking. If you want to laugh with me at the hilarious stuff that I can't seem to keep from falling into... sit. Let's have a coffee." 

While elaborating on this (as eloquently as she can), she jolts upright on the stool and stares at her three-year-old to ask, "And why are you naked? Again?" with a bewildered look shot to her guests. The teeny nude toddles off to put on "something, anything.” 

Do you want control of your child’s education? Do you want more time building family relationships and more input on the outcome of their lives?

You can homeschool, you can teach your own child. After all, who knows them best and loves them most? Get some one-on-one time as you work through your questions together. Suzanne offers homeschool consulting here.



Suzanne Gose's BackGround:

- Former Public School Teacher (Junior High and High School, Spanish, Speech, and ESL)

- Homeschooling Mother of Five Children

- Current Weekly Spanish and Speech teacher of 100's of Homeschooling Students at the CHC. More than a decade of teaching in the same community in Central Texas.

- Creator of Flip Flop Spanish Series (more than a dozen products)

-Author of the Key to Learning Anything: Acquiring Information with Speed and Ease

- Current President of the Community Homeschool Center

- Homeschool Expert for the Total Education Hour Radio Show

- Homeschool Convention and Conference Speaker since 2010

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Still not sure? Email Suzanne with your questions or concerns. She’ll steer you in the right direction, or let you know that yes, she can help you in a short hour and really delve into clearing the clouds.

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